Versoul is an alternative hip-hop artist, producer and sound engineer born in San Francisco and raised throughout the Bay Area. Bouncing to the soundwaves of music in her mother's belly in 1993, Versoul grew up captivated by music, from R&B to Hip-Hop, Rock, Alternative and Soul. From rapping and freestyling at the age of 8 to learning to play the guitar and composing songs by 13 to then producing and recording her own music at 14 years old, Versoul was raised in the world of music.

Through her own music, Versoul transforms pain in to power, trauma into triumph and struggles into strength. Utilizing each life lesson, loss, gain and experience as inspirational catapults to continue living each day to the fullest and learning to be fully grounded in the present while inspiring others along the way through her story. Versoul has 1 album titled "Soulrise" co-produced by Kyoshy the Kid and sponsored by Womens Audio Mission, 4 singles; "Slow Down" produced by Versoul and "Time" co-produced by The Whoadees, along with "Grow With Me" and "Don't Mess With My Mom" produced by Veggibeats each available on all platforms.

In addition to her music, Versoul also produces videos and is a studio engineer under Avdio1015 providing authentic quality content and sound to local independent artists at competitive prices. Versoul continues to produce, record and engineer her own music and is working on a new album to release soon. Be sure to follow her on all platforms and stay tuned for her next performance with Zaydo on August 7th 2021 at 7PM via